Creating a cohesive working environment for your employees is important. A desktop application is a key factor in obtaining high performance from employees. Well-designed applications to improve the coordination of your company are the best asset that can help quick completion of your projects.

RS Softwire provides cross-platform desktop application development services to build and upgrade highly functional desktop software of any complexity. We create robust and secure applications that guarantee high performance, stunning UI and exceptional user experience.


Desktop Apps have better interaction with the user’s PC
⦁ They provide much higher performance for complex calculations than Web Apps
⦁ Debugging is more powerful than Web Debugging
⦁ There is no need to set up a server infrastructure, worry about connectivity problems, firewalls and browser compatibility
⦁ Access to hardware devices such as camera and Bluetooth is easy
⦁ No internet access is required to run the desktop app
⦁ Desktop Apps provide comparatively more security to your data than Web Apps as when you are on Web, practically everything can be tracked
⦁ By using the preprocessing power of computer, desktop apps can perform a wide range of functions that web apps cannot provide
⦁ Once you buy a desktop app, its exclusively yours
⦁ No on-going hosting costs are required

Our Services

C# Development

C# is a common language used to create bespoke Windows applications that run on the .NET Framework. Our desktop software developers have the necessary skills and knowledge to help create your bespoke business app in C#.

Swift Development

Working in iOS offers the ability to work across three main devices—iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch—with unique potential in each area. Our developers have have worked in all areas including games, fintech, business apps, and more.

.NET Development

Our expertise in multiple Windows software development languages means that our desktop app developers naturally use the .NET Framework. If you’re looking for .NET development, we have the skills to help turn that requirement into a solution.

Electron development

If you need a thick client app for Windows and Apple MacOS, Electron is a framework that enables cross-platform software development of installable applications. It uses a web browser (Chromium) and Node.js to gain access to thick-client functionality

WPF Development

WPF stands for Windows Presentation Foundation and is used within the .NET framework. It’s a common GUI Framework used for thick client applications a one which our software development team frequently work with.

Xamarin development

Xamarin was one of the first cross platform development frameworks allowing the software development of thick client apps for Windows and MacOS with a single code base. If you’re looking for help with Xamarin development, we can help.

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