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Top % freelancing countries 2022

Top 5 Freelancing Countries 2022

As a freelancer, you have the flexibility to work when and where you want so you must know the top 5 freelancing countries 2022 which you may not, however, always be able to find steady job. Depending on what you do and where you are, this can feel like an extended vacation or a time of tension and uncertainty.

Tide Financial Solutions conducted a survey of 30 nations to determine the best place to work as a freelancer. The survey employed eight metrics to assess how effectively a country meets the demands of a freelancer. The measurements utilized were internet speed and cost, quantity of coworking spaces, legal rights, gender equality, cost of living, number of freelance job searches, and happiness.

They then utilized this information, as well as data from the World Population Review, to calculate the number of freelance job searches and coworking spaces per 100,000 persons in each country.They assigned equal weight to the data received from each measurement and then aggregated it into a single score out of ten. With a score of 6.12, the United States ranked 12th out of 30 countries.

One of the major issues in the United States appears to be a lack of demand for freelancing employment. According to the data, there were only 365 Google searches for freelancing job for every 100,000 persons.

According to Tide, these are the top five countries for freelancers.

The Top 5 Freelancing Countries 2022

  1. U.S. – 78%
  2. U.K. – 59%
  3. Brazil – 48%
  4. Pakistan – 47%
  5. Ukraine – 36%

1. US – United States (78%)

Top 5 Freelancing Countries 2022 US – United StatesFreelancer earnings in the United States increased significantly in the preceding year, rising from 10% in 2018 to 78% in 2022, making it the best in the world.

In the United States, the gig economy attracts experts of all ages. It does, however, favor younger generations who are more technologically savvy or have been exposed to less traditional job systems in other markets.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, freelancers provided $1.2 trillion in annual earnings to the economy, according to a study of over 6,000 US employees over the age of 18 – a 22 percent increase since 2019.

2. UK – United Kingdom (59%)

With a 59 percent growth in revenue year over year, the United Kingdom climbed to the top of the freelancing countries list in 2022. In the previous year, the number of freelancers in the United Kingdom climbed by 31%.

While well-known professions such as consultancy services and information technology continue to grow, many new freelancers in the United Kingdom operate in the lifestyle and creativity sectors, as indicated by a 24% increase in freelance photographers and a 159% increase in freelance beauticians.

3. BR – Brazil (48%)

Top 5 Freelancing Countries 2022 BR – BrazilBrazil has entered the top ten freelancing countries ranking for the first time in 2019 thanks to a 48 percent increase in freelancer earnings.Brazil has the world’s third-largest side-gig economy, trailing only the United States and the United Kingdom.

Because Brazilian businesses have been slow to embrace the use of remote workers, a large proportion of Brazil’s freelancers work for companies outside the country. Other countries want to hire Brazilian freelancers because their wages are often lower than those in the United States and Europe.

4. PK – Pakistan (47%)

Top 5 Freelancing Countries 2022 PK – PakistanMany people were surprised to learn that Asia had the highest regional growth rate. In four countries, earnings increased by 138 percent. Pakistan set the pace in Asia, with a 47 percent increase in freelancer earnings over the previous year.

The number of Pakistani freelancers has increased rapidly in the previous year, rising from 4% in 2018 to 42% in 2019, and eventually to 48% in 2021-2022, establishing Pakistan as the fourth most popular freelancing country in 2022. Pakistan’s younger generation is looking for new opportunities.

According to a poll, 12,000 young people who graduated from e-jobs earned $6,87,324.12 (approximately 14 crores PKR) during Pakistan’s e-employment freelancing project, boosting the economy and lowering unemployment.

5. UA – Ukraine (36%)

Top 5 Freelancing Countries 2022 UA – UkraineBecause of the country’s high number of I.T. university graduates, freelancer earnings in Ukraine increased by 36% last year. Furthermore, Ukraine’s young freelancers are well-known for their expertise in information technology services, which helps them earn more money.

According to a report, the Ukrainian government has established a special taxation system that exempts information technology outsourcers and product enterprises from paying value-added tax.

It also allows them to hire subcontractors who are not subject to labor taxes because they work as freelancers. Furthermore, these businesses can benefit from the relaxation of foreign currency regulations. Ukrainians are adept at dealing with foreign markets. They also share the same time zone as the rest of Europe, making it simple for European businesses to hire Ukrainian freelancers.

What is rank of Pakistan in freelancing?

Top 5 Freelancing Countries 2022 pakistan is the top 5 country in the freelancingPakistan is one of the top five countries in the world for freelancing, with a significant calculated amount of $0.5 billion generated entirely from freelancing. Because of the exponential growth of the IT sector, Pakistan is ranked as the fourth most popular country for freelancing in the Online Labor Index published in 2017 by Oxford Internet Institute (OII) and is consistently ranked among the top destinations for Internet Communications and Technology (ICT) outsourcing. Pakistan is ranked fourth in the world in the category of Software Development and Technology.

A ministry official told the media that the estimated revenue is $0.5 billion, but it is much higher. The framework for e-commerce has not yet been implemented, and it would be channeled to contribute to the national exchequer after the implementation of an official, state-backed framework.

Many people work from home and earn a decent living. Many people in Pakistan manage to make a good living by freelance work in addition to their regular jobs, he added.

He stated that India, Bangladesh, and the United States have taken the first, second, and third places, respectively. According to the data, the traditional outsourcing destination – India – is the largest overall supplier of online labor, accounting for 24% of the workers observed. According to the report, Pakistan is home to 9% of all freelancers.

How many freelancers are there in the world in 2022?

Currently, there are approximately 1.1 billion freelancers in the world. This means that around 31.4% of the total workforce in the world are freelancers. This number is expected to grow significantly in 2022.

Can freelancers work anywhere in the world?

Top 5 Freelancing Countries 2022 you can generally work from anywhere in the globeThe appeal of freelancing is that, as long as you have access to the internet, you can generally work from anywhere in the globe. You may need to meet in person for certain freelancing or contract work, but for the most part, you can work from the comfort of your home.

If you enjoy working alone to earn a living or find that you produce your best work without the interruptions of a regular 9–5 job, this feature may appeal to you.

In all areas of the Canadian labor market, self-employed professionals make up more than 15% of the workforce. A person’s professional abilities can help them land a job in Canada as a freelancer. It’s a great opportunity to supplement your income and potentially become your own boss while maintaining a full-time employment.

First, as technology undermines the typical 9–5 job, workplace flexibility is more prevalent. So, to fill specialized roles, businesses are now engaging independent contractors. These positions also frequently have flexible hours and remote locations. In Canada, freelancing has firmly established itself. Freelancers are still doing well.