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Why WordPress? 13 good reasons Why you should go for Word Press?

Why WordPress?

Why WordPress

You’ve landed in the right spot if you’re curious, “Why WordPress?” If you’re considering this issue, it means you’ve done some research on WordPress or learned about it from a friend or partner. But that doesn’t entail you’ve thoroughly weighed the cons and pros or thoroughly examined the functionality.

As a result, we’d want to break down the advantages of using WordPress for you, providing a detailed picture of why it’s the foremost standard content management system and website building software. WordPress is capable of almost everything!

WordPress is an open-source and free content management system written in the PHP programming language and combined with the MySQL database. WordPress sites built with this new software have gained incredible popularity in the world of emerging technologies since its launch. WordPress was initially introduced for blogging purposes, but it has since proven to be the finest ever program for building interactive websites. Even today, WordPress is widely used as a blogging app, but its growing success has elevated it to the top of the list for non-blogging websites as well.

WordPress vs. the Competition

WordPress is the most widely utilized site-building software in the world, followed by Joomla and Drupal. All are free of charge and use, available with a plethora of add-ons for intuitive tools, and tailored to individual users’ requirements.


However, both Joomla and Drupal necessitate a certain degree of technical expertise and familiarity with HTML CSS and the programming language PHP. WordPress enables advanced users to function at that level as well—but, unlike Joomla and Drupal, it also provides functionality for beginners, allowing them to quickly launch up a site with no knowledge of coding or programming.

  1. Easy To Manage

WordPress, as a browser-based software, allows for effortless and smooth site management. Simply sign up, and you’ll be capable of managing your company websites from anywhere in the world. To stop the most widespread security attacks, make sure you’ve updated the URL of the login page. There are no limitations on the use of technology to do this.

WordPress has an upgrade management framework. This management framework enables you to upgrade plugins and themes directly from your WordPress admin dashboard. It also alerts you when the latest version is released and allows you to update your site with a click away.

  1. Free and Open-Source

WordPress.com and WordPress.org are also free to use. WordPress.org is a self-hosted edition where you have more flexibility over the platform and can use specialized plugins. WordPress.com is ideal for total beginners, but it is not suitable for a company that intends to make money, so switching away from WordPress.com makes complete sense. Although it has more expensive paid plans, we endorse it for social and hobby blogs.

  1. User Friendly

Also, without technical knowledge, a WordPress platform can be built and fully operational in minutes. A user only needs a domain name and a hosting web account. WordPress can be downloaded for free from WordPress.org or installed via your WordPress hosting service.

  1. Multiple plugins and themes

WordPress has a convenient design and a range of plugins that make implementation a breeze. It is extremely simple to add blog posts, content, photos, and even new pages to a site. The program’s user-friendly interface aids in reducing the formatting process. Third-party developers’ custom plugins can also be purchased and installed by users. As a site progresses, plugins can be installed, disabled, and uninstalled as required.

WordPress is the ideal option for non-tech-savvy individuals because there are tons of online website templates (themes) to choose between. There is a WordPress theme for almost every website (whether it’s a blog, business site, or an online store).

WordPress themes are simple to optimize because many of them have their options panel that allows you to change colors, insert logos, modify the background, build beautiful sliders, and fully customize it to your priorities without writing a single line of code.

  1. Search Engine Friendly

Both search engine crawlers benefit from indexing websites built with WordPress than sites built with other tools. WordPress’s coding is clean and clear, which is the primary explanation for its websites’ efficient indexing. The majority of WordPress-powered websites have comprehensive and detailed search engine optimization performed regularly. All of the Meta tags, keywords, explanations, and image titles demonstrate how targeted the WordPress-created website’s SEO. It provides a plethora of choices to assist you in configuring the best SEO value for your website.

  1. Full Control of Website

Since CMS solutions are available, you can perform all of the daily updates required for an interactive website. WordPress offers you complete control over your website, eliminating the need to contact web developers regularly for updates. This way, you discover how to upgrade the software or a website, and your reliance on web developers is significantly reduced.

  1. Get Rid Of HTML Editing And No FTP Software

WordPress eliminates the need for developers to use specific HTML and FTP tools when creating interactive websites. The application features so many different plugins that can be used separately to create new blog posts, documents, photographs, and texts.

  1. 100% Customizable Designs

WordPress is an excellent tool for creating website templates. Many of the templates offered by WordPress are very easily customizable, and almost all of them can be tailored to the distinct needs of the website’s founder. This is one of the main reason why WordPress always get advantage over other content management systems.

  1. Built-In Blog


Although WordPress is a content management system program, it has a host of options that allow publishing content. One of these is a “built-in” blog option that can be accessed from any device at any time, eliminating the need for users who want to add a blog to their website to build one independently. This enables sites unfamiliar with blogging to use the blog feature to post updates or notifications.

  1. Improve Functionality

WordPress features a wide range of plugins that the platform can use to boost a variety of website features. The developer can add picture galleries, Twitter feeds, activities, Facebook Fan Boxes, and even reminders to a website using various plugins. Many plugins are available for free, and many freelancers use these plugins to build websites for their clientele.


  1. Modify the content

Any website will be ineffective without content. When it comes to winning online, content is the driving force you must have to outclass your rivals. You can’t continue to believe in the “create and pray” mentality. You must update your content on a regular basis. Furthermore, WordPress makes adding and editing content straightforward, even for a novice. WordPress Development enables a wide range of big and medium projects to download, edit, and alter the content of their websites in an appropriate manner. It is important to note that you do not need to code anything in order to add content. It would be a piece of cake for everyone.

  1. Security

WordPress is a very secure and stable platform for running a website. However, the internet, like the real world, can be a dangerous place! A few easy steps can effectively protect and improve your WordPress account.

  1. Maximum Scalability

One of the significant advantages of using The platform’s excellent scalability is what makes WordPress so appealing. No matter how often content you upload, WordPress-powered websites will still look good. Offers unparalleled scalability along with superior functionality. Most of the businessmen of this modern era are always willing to own a highly scalable website and quickly expand with every business extension. And the only platform that offers the best scalability is WordPress.

One of the primary benefits of using WordPress is the platform’s outstanding extensibility. No matter how much content you insert, WordPress-powered websites have superior scalability as well as excellent functionality. Most prosperous business people are often eager to own an infinitely performant website and quickly grow with every company’s extension. WordPress is the only platform that provides the highest scalability.

In satisfying business needs, WordPress is an excellent foundation for your website. It is ideal for small businesses who need only an essential website and features to begin their venture. It also has limitless scalability power, as thousands of pages and items can be uploaded to WordPress without causing it to slow down.

Final Verdict

By above discussion we got a brief idea Why WordPress should be used?. WordPress is a powerful content management software that drives a large number of online businesses. WordPress is projected to power 33% of all websites. WordPress is the better choice for many online projects. WordPress is updated regularly, with each update fixing bugs or adding new features and functionality.

It is constantly revised and improved. It is not a stagnant piece of software that will become obsolete after a few months. WordPress is still at the leading edge of technology.

To determine if WordPress is ultimately suitable for you, you must first decide what you want to accomplish with your internet presence. Consider all of the features and functionality you need – forms, an online store, an online shopping cart, and com


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